Udaan, Literary Club

Literary skill, promotion and application has been mandatory subject in the school curriculum. Students from Class 6th to 12th have activities in literary skills. The main concern of UDAAN is to promote awareness on social cause. Various activities are organized in school to aware students in the form of Debate, Poem recitation, Story composition and Poster making.

During early, July we conduct Poster making competition on Topic “Go Green, Preseve Environment”.

We conduct article, essay, speech competition on different topics such as let’s preserve our heritage,Road safety importance of language etc.

We celebrate various importance days given by United Nations and the calendar provided by Scholars Academy council. It not only works at enhancing the cultural standard but extends its work towards importing Cultural Values in today’s generation.

ECO Club

From 25-09-2011 to 02-10-2011 was celebrated as “kartavya Palan Saptaha” in Scholar’s Academy under the order issued by Chief Minister.

The whole week emphasized on the duties of citizens. Scholar’s Academy tried to take one such duty ‘To protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wild life and to have compassion for living creatures’.

On 02-10-2011 the students and teachers pledged for performing the duties abided by the Constitution.

The school started” Say No to Polythene”. Campaign under which none of the member of Scholar’s Academy brought things packed in Plastics wrappers, Polythene bags. Paper bags replaced polythene bags. Distribution of chocolates wrapped in plastic wrappers was banned in school campus.

This practice is continued even today making the campaign a grand success.

Go Green Shujalpur (3 R’s Reduse, Reuse, Recycle)

Since its establishment the children of Scholars Academy have celebrated their Birthdays by planting a Birth Day Tree. The student who has planted the tree takes care of the tree growing with his/her own growth.

Health And Fitness Club

Scholars Academy has always kept healthy human resources one of the chief goals.
Health of the students has direct impact on his performance with the long term goal in the minds the management has made some basic norms for balanced lunch boxes of children.

  • Lunch boxes should be accompanied with table mat.
  • Chappati/paratha is compulsory.
  • Everyday new vegetables should be carried, potatoes vegetable is restricted to be brought only once.
  • Everyday 2-3 pieces of salad have to be kept as per season.
  • Every Thursday student has Lunch box + fruits.
  • Every Saturday child has Lunch box + sweets.

1st day of every month is sharing day where children are free to bring any dish in their tiffins.

Apart from this physical fitness also plays a major role in student’s life. P.T. is done regularly with morning assembly to keep students healthy and fit.